Jen Scharf

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Why does my skin look horrible?

I see a lot of people with very bad looking faces. The cycle of makeup no doubt exacerbates this, but surely diet and environmental obstruction (as by clothes, chemical washing products, dyes, perfumes, fine particulates, smoke etc.) also play a role. Men are also not unaffected. By cultural sensitivity, we advocate the addition of healthy practices (i.e.: chemical-free skin care) over subtraction of unhealthy ones.

What about my pimples/open sores?

We do not recommend applying any product to open sores but appropriate disinfectants (i.e.: Hydrogen Peroxide in the case of rupture) and water. When such abound, we recommend applying scrub to a nearby unaffected, oil rich area (such as armpits, lower belly). Any direct touching can irritate more severe sores. Leave the primary irritation alone, gradually working the scrub closer as the condition clears.

What about my rash?

Rashes are more difficult as they have different causes. An appropriate professional should be consulted to determine whether such is dry or oily (or something else), as the course of treatment will differ. The plan will create oiliness if the cause is dry, or dryness if such is oily. When dealing with irritations, never push harshly nor apply product directly to sores. 

How do I use the products?

All treatment plans are flexible, however: centre on three principles:

- Logic: we must sustainably remove that which prevents the body from its natural perfection. Nothing is superior to nature.

- Less is more: whenever possible, petrochemicals should not have a chance to sink into the skin.

- Prevention: Illness festers when causative conditions coincide. Health is improved by gradual self-empowerment. 

Harsh chemicals destroy the natural barrier (often later requiring additional synthetic creams). By contrast, our products support healthy skin by removing barriers to the natural breathing process: there is no question of safety since our preparations are all food-grade.

Remember: As long as it's working properly, chemicals can never surpass the skin's natural regulatory mechanism.


How do I use the products?

Consultations are available for particular conditions but generally the procedure is a two-step buffer, moisturize for cleaning:


The scrub contains an idealized buffer able to influence the pH of up to 4 dhatus: mamsa, majja, rasa, rakta*. As we know from science, the body automatically optimizes its use of the bicarbonate buffer. After use, your skin will feel refreshed and deep-cleaned. Although powerful, it is also gentle: lovingly infused with the ideal proportion of coconut oil. 


The gloss replaces moisturizer. Unlike petroleum products, it contains only food grade ingredients and gives skin a beautiful shine. It seals in moisture while still allowing the skin to breathe.

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