Jen Scharf

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Marxism: Destroying Society on an Atomic Level

The popularity of the search term “Social Justice Warrior” continues to grow with time. I would love to believe it’s because of Milo and I, but I can’t take credit for mankind’s inborn curiosity. The real reason is that reasonable people are angry and confused that there appear to be university faculty teaching harmful ideology as fact and using classrooms as the petri dishes in a demented social engineering experiment. Their hypothesis: that all must exist within the oppressor-oppressed dualistic framework and God help you if you dare question it...The issues we see today suggest we have reached the "symptomatic" phase of illness development. Can we regain a vision of what was intended by the true liberals (Sargon of Akkad)?

Below is my opinion as to why the proverbial “SJW” has become so widely derided. In short it’s because the Marxist attitude that the underclass must overthrow the overclass oppresses the leaders of society undermines the latter's coherence.

Many people feeling the negative consequences of this are those following traditional paths, such as not trying to undermine and emasculate men at every possible opportunity and also not blaming all flaws on external factors. 

I pose an open question to those adhering to the “Oppressor-Oppressed” fundamental coordinate system derivative or equal to Marxism: are you trying to destroy society? Have you any idea how many salivating goons are looking to move in the wake of your destruction? Have you any intellect or discernment to reject 

explicitly named and the flaws of totalitarian ideology explored. Sadly, recent events suggest many people have used this book as an instruction manual rather than a warning sign. We are now speaking out to warn society.

Growing up in Canada, I have had a lot of experience with self-identified “Communists” & “Socialists”. They often wax poetically about the benefits of a shared moral code, life and culture. Either mute or dismissive when asked about the numerous historical failures of such types of systems, they seem to share one attitude with regards to the past: rewriting it according to their narrative. 

Often they wish to control other people’s lives in some way, either economically or morally (including religious/spiritually). 

the brainwashed zealots foaming at the mouth to curtail communal civil liberties at the head of your “SJW” groups?

For those unfamiliar with Marxist ideology, the basic building block of their “lens” (archetypal classifier through which their experience is interpreted) is one of “oppressor”/ “oppressed”. That is: one class has “power” over the other and thus exploits it. Many books teach the valor of the “underclass” overthrowing the “overclass”. It appears the current wave of social unrest is a clash between people who seek to impose this ideology on the objective world and those who espouse the values of true cultural libertarianism. The reason for such is that the former’s attempts at “social justice” are increasingly demonstrated to be to the detriment of society, unscientific and cult-like.

Those seeking to learn more are advised to read the book “1984” by George Orwell, where the social strata from the Manifesto are 

Although Marxists have not yet managed to ruin our economic system (owing perhaps to the high mathematical/logical/rational bar for such fields), they have been extremely successful on a subtle cultural level, as I will argue below. 

Marxist ideology is rampant in “derelict” fields (low-paying, non-competitive, influential) with very low barriers to entry, so even if their simplistic interpretation of the world was correct (which it isn't), then they would be the worst possible people to implement it! We could examine a parallel in my Guru's recent work on Spiritual and Social Varna. He expounds why shallow people being fake teachers/acharyas of Yoga tarnishes its image.

The proverbial “intelligentsia” (further blinded by the social parasite of “Political Correctness” – aka: Social Marxism!) have thus far been aloof to the depth of thought perversion this ideology engenders. We can no longer ignore that the motivation of the average "Marxist" does not appear to be towards the betterment of society, in fact, it appears to be a means to "control" others and the environment.

Cultural Marxism or Political Correctness is the other end of the snuff. The perniciousness of reductionist class duality has created a society which values the appearance of goodness (solely along the lines of its diminutive coordinate system mind you!) over the embodiment of true justice. 

In search of such, I am told to “be quiet”, “don’t be mad” and other such insipid condescending put-downs. It happens so much that I have stopped listening. I must give thanks to the culture of Quebec for giving me the strength to do this. Je me souviens.

The time for willful ignorance has ended and that of social reform begun. I reject the stupid Marxist oppressor/oppressed simplification wholly for the reason that it makes inferior people feel justified to take power away from superior people simply by virtue of them being superior. In many cases, the superior person “turns the other cheek”, so the pernicious effects of this thought virus are not felt instantaneously. The effects are nonetheless rampant, the leaders of society are now "oppressed" by the (self-entitled) "underclass".

Why is the Communist ideology not taught with a more critical eye? Why do other authors base their worldview on the “oppressor/oppressed” dichotomy as though it was a fundamental universal truth? Recent events have demonstrated the pernicious effect of such ideologies implemented in the schools of our nation create lazy, entitled, self-aggrandized thought police who go into deep cognitive dissonance when their operating hypothesis is contradicted by direct experience.

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