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Some guy named Jian Ghomeshi has been all over the news recently. Sounds like he was a class-A prick working over at CBC . Then he was accused of rape and suffered a trial. Throughout the course of the trial it was revealed that he wasn't a rapist, just a shit quality Dom. Also he looked like his lawyer which creeped me out, so I mostly tuned out. I heard today the verdict was acquittal.

No offense, but y'all vanilla to me

Jian's acquittal is something everyone should be ashamed of: especially those who stood by and watched him be a total piece of shit to the weakest people at CBC and did nothing. Cowards!

This never should have got to trial because the cool people at CBC should have said: "Listen you piece of s***, stop being a b****!". It works really really well with the the PC crowd: having had to hold their tongues for increasingly annoying reasons for the better part of a half century now!

But I want Justice!

What the real issue here? Future prevention of harm.

Evidence suggests there is a problem with policemen investigating rapes. Recent news shows that a different line of training might be better to investigate allegations of rape. This is 

(they look related, eh?) Source

Like it or not, you have to realize that there are some people ("lifestylers") who would view Ghomeshi's actions as pretty tame. Obviously punching someone in the face is akin to "orange crush" in the spectrum of D/s "cocktails": some people might like its peppy twang, but most prefer things a little more refined! En passant 50 shades is basically Proxy that tween vamp movie with twinkly dude guy: vanilla AF.

The facts uncovered throughout the course of the trial revealed Ghomeshi to be little more than a failure of a dom: an embarrassment to the lifestyle. That said, I accept that there was no way he or any reasonable man could have known what he did was "rape". The subsequent actions of the victims did not indicate a clear intent. I know the victims were suffering, but that burden is on you to remove yourself from the abusive situation. You are better than the Jian Ghomeshis of this world. 

Don't be a pussy

akin to the failure of the drug war. We must favour the defence of victims, not prosecuting the violators, or lack thereof, or victim blaming.

Remember: Elliott and Ghomeshi are the victims here. People ganged up on them and decided to use the judicial system to 

exact revenge on them. Surprise surprise it was women both times. I saw a dumb comic likening the JG to Cosby: date rape pills and industry sadism DOES NOT EQUAL bungling tool of a dom, awkward love letters and cynical media opportunism! What fools are those conflating the two?

A recent conversation went: do you think they will hire him back at CBC? My answer: honestly, what's that saying if they do? It's saying that they accept his asshole-ness in exchange for his talents (I'm not judging). If that's the case, I think it might be time to increase one's willingness to be an asshole to these types, and shut them down. I know most men aren't a creep asshole like Ghomeshi: where were/are all the real men at CBC to tell him to stop being such a loser? Just like the mean evil f-word who pressed charges against a guy for disagreeing with her on twitter. I sent her an email right after I heard the news begging her to stop abusing the judicial system to enforce her sadistic web of control.

This is just not a jail worthy crime. Anyone on the prosecutorial end of that needs to take a long look in the mirror and realize that you are setting precedent that will be abused by countless self-entitled spoiled women to exact revenge on men who don't do as they wish. I know this is a fact, having been the recipient of many instances of female (failed attempts at) subversion as well as having known many men to whom this has unfairly happened. Why don't we prosecute these women for their false accusations for a change? 

The Moral of the Story

In real life, subs are abused by psychic predators all the time. A D/s relationship is pretty much the only place subs don't get constant psychic strife. Vanillas don't necessarily realize they are doing it, but it still hurts. Ghomeshi was a shit dom who acted this way his whole life and got away with it because not enough people have stood up to his dumb ass and shut him down. 

We all have our own Jian don't we? maybe a boss, sibling or acquaintance? They rely on secrecy to operate. They need good people to be silent in the face of their sadism. They offer perks for membership to their inner circle but it is never a healthy D/s relationship. We must not allow such unhealthy psychic cataracts (as Guruji says) to form: we must love only truth. You can stop the Jian's of this world.

Moreover, we must not allow our (vanilla) sexual preferences to dictate the law. Those mourning this verdict are basically saying: "we don't accept the BDSM lifestyle" and "we believe the charge of rape is so great that innocence should not be a defence": that's your underlying illusions talking: not objective truth. Trust me, you don't want a protest where the BDSM crowd shows up, many of them are just dying for an opportunity to throw on the PVC bustier and human horse cart (yes that kind)... You've been warned!