Jen Scharf

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I have been teaching scholastic subjects of this culture and have some opinions on them. Many of which have been a source of "offence" to many colleagues. I don't mind thoughtful criticism as there is a "cold finality" to many of my statements that is not intentional: as a scientist, I will change my operating hypothesis if I am proven wrong. Unfortunately, all I've heard is below. It's a wee bit disappointing.* At least try to be original!

1. You're crazy.

2. Your website is offensive.

3. Why do you have to call it a Church?

4. Stick to Yoga and leave the physics to those of us who know what a Hilbert Space is.

5. You are an embarrassment to Yoga.

6. You're wrong.

7. I don't believe you.

8. We have to be careful how we express ourselves while practicing Yoga.

9. Stop living in your past life!

10. Various forms of mistaking me using a coordinate system against itself to prove concepts beyond the causal veil (of modern science) with making (prediction-less, as in String Theory) worthless unfalsifiable statements*. 

11. You're a closet Christian communist.

12. You dishonoured Yoga tradition.

13. Remove yourself from Yoga and Ayurveda.

Lots of people are having cognitive dissonance over my scientific theories! These are intentionally rooted 100% in that which can be traced back to present lifetime sources (although I have been tempted). Of course I have succumbed to the "Guru temptation" nearly instantly after cracking the codex... I am devoted now to be 100% in the student (sadhaka) mode: creating space by removing useless concepts. Always seeing if I may surrender on a deeper level. Culturally, awareness of what is required for genuine spirituality is rising. I am happy to be part of that movement. 

While in the news, I pointed out several times the irony of white people taking a "virtuous" anti-racist stance actually being super racist in the process. This is not a problem that can be solved with psychic attacks or shame or blame! There is a core bias towards high contrast phenomena we must simply accept and move on. If we truly strive for independent, objective thinking, we must correct for all biases, not just the obvious ones. In fact, we can only overcome the more fundamental ones by first surrendering to their vastness and our individual impotence. This void (maybe not) "obviously" solved by the Guru. Although I have always yearned for mine, I have learned that much psychic effort in this culture is precisely the denial of the importance of such. The Guru seems to be exclusively the ego.

However, that is a journey for my Western peers to come to on their own, and only in taking personal responsibility for the ultimate conclusion can it bear any meaning anyway. I will work always to accept this. I have taken the ignorance of others personally and I don't want to do that anymore. I regret getting so mad but now I understand my false attachments which caused it, so it has helped me learn.