Jen Scharf

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Facial Scrub Line

1. If it's cold, place the scrub under warm tap water with the lid on. 

2. Wet the face. 

3. If the skin is very dry, gloss can be applied at this step.

4. Apply the scrub directly to the oiliest/dirtiest parts of your face. Then rub gently in increasingly small circles over these areas. Areas without visible pores or with sensitive skin do not need much pressure, often just brushing past is sufficient. Oilier and dirtier areas (behind ears, hairline, t-zone). Combining with foaming soap is not recommended for the face, as it can cause overdrying. If you do use foaming soap, apply moisturizer before drying your face to prevent such. Soap can safely be used with this product anywhere else on the body excluding mucous membranes.

5. Rinse the face well.

6. If skin tends to dryness, apply gloss and allow to air dry. Option to pat dry (will remove some moisture), or air dry without applying gloss (if skin is already at ideal moisture), or air dry then applying gloss only to dry spots (for combination skin).