Jen Scharf

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Quantum Mechanical Psyop

Here's an article that is pretty promising. Not for the alternative theory (pilot waves are another over-complication, see the diagram... looks ridiculous), but because it accepts the limitations of a purely wavelike interpretation on the macroscale. 

Below, I made a video explaining it generally and simply (?) with the hopes that more people will understand QM and start to live that knowledge day-to-day. It is a wonderful way to feel more in control of your life as well as free to enjoy things without the burden of excessive attachment.

Click Image Below for QM Explanation (10 min)

you are a word Hitler. That's right: a censorious dictator! "Taking offence" = decreasing the separation between yourself and the Triggly Puffs and saggy skinned White Knights everyone loathes... Please don't, maybe consider taking up hooping instead?

While I never expect people to agree with my unsubstantiated theories (i.e.: Einstein), I will not accept criticism as regards my QM models (hopefully the redditors got it all out of their system on Christmas) unless it is substantiated. I have gone to great lengths to share the knowledge of Quantum Mechanics with everyone. Not just uppity physicists who think they have authority over Creation, but anyone who wants to learn to think better and have more autonomy over their life, to whatever extent possible.

Physics made a bully out of itself with it's false four force model. I have a personal "conspiracy" theory that Einstein suffered from a large inferiority complex and was hence exploited by Entropy-violators to the detriment of modern science with its inexplicable "Superman/Jesus-ification" of his likeness. I just don't know if the (wannabe) Entropy-violators are inside his head or out.

Calling someone a conspiracy theorist makes you a shill for the globalist overlords (via CIA psyop), so why don't you contemplate that the next time you speak without thinking? Same goes for the wannabe social engineers (Marxists): keep it in the creeptacular church basement and remember each time you take "offence",