Jen Scharf

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Only practice will optimize your use of this treasure. New users are cautioned that use on the face can cause dryness especially if combined with an enzymatic soap (something foamy) or long term use of chemical beauty products: it is best used alone or with our face gloss. This regime is a soap-less, food grade, super-effective buffer solution: allowing skin to breathe much better after use. The skill lies the location of application of the product. To become initiated, most will enjoy using it exclusively on the armpits. You get a cooling relaxed feeling and the buffer dissolves metals lodged in the skin (from anti-perspirant use). Your skin can breathe. Later your skin may crave it at different places: behind the ears, the back, the t-zone. Apply where it feels right and immediately rinse well.

It works really well to clean pores, it is the perfect size to wash away all impurities. It is an art not to over or under clean: it is all in the pressure and location. Sometimes a quick rinse is all you need. If your pores are dirty, scrub more deeply with smaller circles, getting to know your skin in the process.

It is important to avoid this product if you have been using harsh chemicals (that change the skin's pH). Do not use on open sores. Avoid putting anything on open sores if you can. Rinse well. Follow with our gloss on dry spots.