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A Universe Without Singularity

Update 2016-03-08

I demonstrated reincarnation (for fun). In the book, we will explore many consequences of the Quantum Mind Hypothesis, indicating new venues of inquiry and research. How exciting!

Update 2016-01-16

One section of the book is about psychology. Central to this section is the Quantum Mind Hypothesis. I have done an introduction for you here.


Is the set of all sets also a set?

The question seems benign enough until you realize that if the set of all sets is also a set, you tumble into a sort of black hole situating the boundary of said set of sets. It cannot contain itself – sort of like the “can God make a stone so big he cannot lift it?” – therefore cannot also be a set.

The contemplation of this paradox is not unlike the koans of the Zen tradition. The effect of the koan on the mind is the gradual improvement to thinking. The thought-state is slowly withdrawn to a single vector coordinate system. How? By distracting the ego with a never-ending maze of “circular” logic, the conscious stream pulls inward towards the light of the truth: the superior path of least entropy in the mind.

Through rigorous scientific inquiry, the book imparts how to think in a "low Entropy" manner, freeing the aspirant of the unnecessary burdens of excessive scientific dichotomies. Estimated publishing date: 2017. Get warmed up:

And stay tuned for more details!

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