Jen Scharf

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You are watching a real-time cultural revolution...

Great coverage (lighthearted) of recent uncovering of media and government collusion.

Great insight, well researched from Red Pill Philosophy.

Liberal hypocrisy: funny show by Stefan Molyneux.

Alex Jones gives us hope and is legion.

Update 2016-10-07

Alex Jones is such a GUG.

Computing Forever takes it to the next level.

News about learning how to be cool all the time, thanks to Dr. Janice Fiamenco :D

Recent events have shown that the lowest common denominator approach of the media has failed to create a significant culture. It's more just a bunch of psychically deranged control freaks playing god in their quasireligious marxist nightmare of perpetual victim fetishizing. Take a step back, have a yoga retreat, just please, stop getting in front of a camera.

Janice Fiamenco of Studio Brule

Stefan Molyneux of will be a new platform for the new paradigm.

Hopefully in the future, life will be much better than the current tidal wave of SJW shit.