Jen Scharf

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Someone said something dumb about my boy: Stefan Molyneux. Anarchists are cool sometimes, they are often the only ones without quagmire for brains. How can you join the ranks of the smartest people? This is some commie scum trash. For a change from just trolling online, why don't you work through the garbage of this garbage garbage by both:

a) exposing Marxist labels.

b) exposing how many times the Marxist coordinate system is used.

c) instances of how Marxist propaganda makes people not smart.

Here is a "coming out of the closet" garbage truck of a shitbag of probably also Marxist inspired utter trash quasi excuse for the actually comical level of Western media distortion.

a) How much easier is it to tell the information gradients?

b) How many ideologies control the narrative?

c) What is missing?

d) What does this article spend too much time on?